Caliver Drill – Begins with loaded caliver at Shoulder your Piece

Unshoulder Your Piece (two motions)

In the Left Hand Take Your Piece

Take Your Match in Your Right Hand

Blow Your Match

Cock Your Match

Try Your match

Blow Your Match (covering pan with two fingers)

Open Your Pan

Present Your Piece

Give Fire

Take Down Your Piece

Uncock Your Match

Return Your Match to Your Left Hand

Blow Out the Pan and Take Hold of Your Priming Flask

Prime Your Pan

Close Your Pan

Shake Off Loose Powder

Blow Off Loose Powder

Cast About Your Piece to Your Left Side (two motions)

Take Hold of Cartridge or Bottle

Open Your Charge

Charge Your Piece

Draw Out Your Scouring Stick

Shorten Your Scouring Stick

Ram Home Your Charge

Withdraw Your Scouring Stick

Shorten Your Scouring Stick

Replace Your Scouring Stick

Shoulder Your Piece (four distinct motions)