Felt Hats

Main points about felt hats:

  • They can be many shades of color, although black seems to predominate in formal paintings, you can see in the first picture that various shades of brown were present
  • The width of brims varied greatly and provides some flexibility
  • The height of the crowns also varied a great deal
  • The crowns were commonly flat but could also be rounded.

Same hat from above

Anyone got the guts for this one below? ;^)

This hat below is in the Pilgrim Hall Museum, supposedly belonged to a Pilgrim.

This hat found in a bog

Knitted Hats

Flat cap or Statute Hat (so called because by law, or statute, every man in England had to own one to wear to church)

Split Brim Flat Hat (I guess to be able to bring down the back in inclement weather and still have a brim)

Monmouth Cap (only original in existence)

Brimmed Monmouth Caps








Pikeman’s Pot

Lobster Tail Helmet