Jeremiah Eames led units of New Hampshire men to scout northern New Hampshire and aid the settlers around Northumberland.  In addition to scouting, they rebuilt Fort Wentworth (although they were admonished at point to stick to the fort rebuilding and not help the locals with their crops so much).  We have information that another man (Thomas Burnside, not on the list below) also served with Eames and had served with Roger’s Rangers in the previous French War. The following contains some specific information from the History of Coos County (Illustrated) 1888

Captain Jeremiah Eames was on the frontiers here from July 5, 1776, with fifty men and officers for some time; and from October 14, to December 1, 1776, with twenty-six Rangers.  Again, he had command of ten men, on a like service from December 2, 1776 to April, 1777.  A scouting party of five men was “stationed at or near the Upper Coos” (probably at Northumberland) by order of the “Committee of Safety” from July 15 to October 1, 1779 under the command of Lieut. Josiah Chapman.  –pg. 86


                        “NORTHUMBERLAND October 12: 1776-

‘Col’e Nicholas Gilman Treasurer for the State of New Hampshire

            “Please pay to Capt. Jeremiah Eames the whole of the wages for the time of Service in his Company as shall be found Due on the Said Capt Eames’s Roll

            “John Trickey, Jon’a Willard, Abner Osgood, Samuel Page, Zebulon Colbey, Zechariah Parker, Abijah Wright, David Brown, Ebenezer his (x) mark, Kempfield, Moses Page, Edmund Eastman, David Cunningham, Alexander Craig, Daniel Spalding, Jonathan Craford, David Larned, Abel Larned, Abijah Larned, William Patee, James Whiting, Abel Lovejoy, John Willoughby, Benj. Preson, Benj. Pegley, Jon’a Clark, Jacob Draper, Jonah Chaptman, Joseph Palmer, Samuel Marsh, Edward his (x) mark Taylor, Gardner Duston, Nathan Caswell, Nathan Barlow, Gideon Smith, William Curtiss, Thomas Blogett, Archippus Blogett, Josiah Blogett, John Gibson, John Haselton, Caleb Marshall, Dill Sawyer, William Amy, James Blake, Ward Bailey, Thomas Peverly, Benj’a Sawyer, Abner Barlow.

            “Captain Eames’ Scouts.- Captain Eames’s Scouting Party, from December 2, 1776 to April 15th, 1777, Head Quarters Great Coos, received for services &110, 19s, 9d.  The pay was as follows:  Captain, &6 per month, Sergeant, 48 shillings; Private, 40 shillings per month.  The company consisted of Capt. Jeremiah Eames, Serjeant, Abner Osgood, Privates, Thomas Peaverly, Jonathan Willard, John Trickey, Haines French, William Amy, Nathan Caswell, John Gibson, Dill Sawyer, Abner Barlow; all serving the full time except the latter, whose service was one month. -pg. 88