Assuming there are any events with the Covid-19 virus. How ironic that after nine years we finally get a schedule on the website and the events start getting canceled.

Please note that as we do multiple time periods, sometimes the unit is divided between two events. It doesn’t happen often, but it explains why two events are listed on the same weekend.

Date Event Unit(s)
February 22 Tavern Night (Annual Dinner/Meeting) Any unit impression
February 29-March 1 Deerfield, MA Church
March 28-29 CANCELED New England Craft Fair n/a
April 18-20 Battle Road weekend CANCELED Rev War Eames
April 24 (Friday) POSTPONED Official Opening of Plymouth 400, Plymouth, MA Piscataqua
May 2-3 CANCELED Fort 4 – F&I Harmon’s
May 16  CANCELED Rebecca Nurse Rev War Tactical Eames
June 6-7 CANCELED Waters Farm Sutton, Ma—Rev War Eames
June 20-21 CANCELED Biddeford, ME—Timeline Piscataqua, Church, Harmon, Eames
June 26 (Friday) CANCELED Plymouth 400, Plymouth, MA Piscataqua – TENTATIVE
June 28 (Sunday) CANCELED Plymouth, MA—Maritime Piscataqua
June 30 (Tuesday) CANCELED Plymouth, MA—Plimoth Plantation Piscataqua
July 4-5 CANCELED Biddeford Pool, ME—Timeline Piscataqua, Church, Harmon, Eames
July 25-26 Pemaquid, ME—17th c. Piscataqua & Church
August 1-2 Old Sturbridge Village—Rev War Eames
August 8-9 Kittery, ME—Timeline, Fort McClary  
August 15-16 Hillsborough, NH—F&I Harmon
Sept. 12-13 Amer. Heritage Museum, Hudson, MA—Rev War Eames
Sept. 12-13 Mayflower Compact—Provincetown, MA Piscataqua
Sept 26-27 King Philip’s War, Denison House, Mystic, CT Church
Oct. 10-11 Canoe Scout, Saco River, ME Any unit impression
Oct. 17-18 Wentworth House Muster/Trade Fair—Rev War Eames
Oct. 24 Red Horse Tavern—Rev War Eames
Nov. 7 Carlton Raid, Freedom, NH—Rev War Eames
Nov. 21 Plymouth Thanksgiving Parade Piscataqua & Harmon